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Featured Audio Artist

2010-12-14 22:55:04 by BionicMaggot

This is great! Even though my songs suck haha.

Anyways, if you want to talk to me, or see any of my newer works, visit my other newgrounds account (The only one I really use now)

Peace out!

Featured Audio Artist

New Account

2010-06-21 23:01:05 by BionicMaggot

Actually, its been here for a while, but this is the reason i never update this profile with animations anymore XD


2010-02-25 00:29:57 by BionicMaggot

I have made a DeviantArt account!

Idiotic Adventures Forum

2010-01-31 23:53:12 by BionicMaggot

The official Idiotic Adventures forum has been opened! Add your own art, for all you know, it could end up in the series ;)

The Idiotic Adventures

2010-01-31 15:03:26 by BionicMaggot

I fnally made a new flash! This is a series I am making, go check it out: <a

TTA Spinoff EP. 1 Released!

2010-01-25 21:25:06 by BionicMaggot

My buddy, Tails, FINALLY released the thing, and it turned out great! Be sure to watch out for my guy, Kingbo, in the 2nd episode!

http://www.thetomeknights.newgrounds.c om/

420 Magic Maze DEMO Out!

2009-12-02 23:59:03 by BionicMaggot

I released a demo of my game! Check it out!

Expertly-Drawn Man

2009-11-22 21:01:22 by BionicMaggot

I just finished my second flash animation! Be warned, it is too expertly-drawn for even the Mona Lisa!

Very Artistic

2009-07-24 01:58:23 by BionicMaggot

I made my first art submission, check it out!


2009-06-25 18:53:11 by BionicMaggot

Check out the survey I made!